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Subject: Re: Buffer first few seconds of next song
From: Mike Holden (
Date: 2003-02-21

roland said:
> YES ! YES and YES !
> I would completely agree with all points Phils posted some time ago.
> Phils thoughts about this are very good ! I also have spent many
> thoughts on a feature like this- but because I`m bad programmer I just
> had in mind to post a request on this list, too. :) (Didn`t know it is
> already there as feature request #668528. Unfortunately it is given a
> priority of "2" - I find this is worth being given at least a "6" or
> "7")
> I`m sort of "crazy zapper" and would like it very much, if my archos
> would behave less sluggish and more responsive when zapping through the
> playlists. pleaaaaase - someone implement this in an intelligent manner
> (dynamic recognition of "browsing behaviour") ;)

One quick fix is to increase the disk spindown time. This means the disk
spins for longer after a disk access, so that if you quickly decide to
skip when a new track starts, the disk is still spinning and access to the
next track is very quick. It doesn't help your battery life, of course!

Mike Holden

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