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Subject: Re: Recorder experimental new UI, Sound Sliders and larger Tetris source code
From: Robert Hak (
Date: 2003-02-21

p.s. What's the reason for you not wanting the // comments?
Are there any alternatives? (I like to have comments in my
code, I also like to be able to comment-out a block of code
without having to edit all the comment lines inside it)

Well // is generally accepted as a C++ism (and as such is not something we
want as stated in the contributing docs).

What I tend to do to comment out a large block for testing is to just
#ifdef around it. This also allows me to find the sections I have
commented out quickly. I hunt for the common string I use (ROB :) ) and
don't have to worry about missing a comment.


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"I think so Brain, but you wear the pink tutu this time."
        - Pinky and the Brain

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