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Subject: Re[2]: Cassette Adaptor Probs

Re[2]: Cassette Adaptor Probs

From: <>
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 14:02:42 -0800

Friday, February 28, 2003 2:00:18 PM

i had the same problem, i figured out though if put the adapter tape in with
the stereo on, then turn the stereo off as soon as the tape is all the
way in place, then pause -> turn the stereo back on, & the adapter stays in.
i'm not exactly sure why this is.



On Friday, February 28, 2003 wrote:
jbpn> Hey,

jbpn> I've had similar problems. The culprit was the suspension mechanism of the adapter's built-in tape head. It didn't move far enough into the adapter and the tape player concluded the tape had
jbpn> ended (pulled tight). So try to loosen the spring behind the tape head.

jbpn> Good luck.

jbpn> BTW I would prefer a line-in over a cassette adapter anytime. Running CD-player or not. The sound quality is MUCH better.

>>I'm new to the list though I'm reading the archives for some time now. I have
>>to say that I really like RockBox very much, I never use the original firmware
>>My problem is not directly RockBox related but maybe some of you have
>>experienced the same problems. I use my JBR20 with a cassette adaptor
>>in the car radio as this one doesn't have a line in. This usually works well.
>>But sometimes the radio doesn't recognize the simulated ribbon, switches
>>to the other side, switches back and finally spews out the adaptor. I already
>>had a look inside the adaptor but didn't see anything I could improve.
>>Has anybody had the same problems and knows a solution? Because
>>a 20GB HD full of music really improves car driving :)
>>(Sidenote: I also tried the line in from the CD-changer. This also works
>>but I don't like having a running CD-player all the time I'm listening to
>>the JBR).
>>bye Fabi
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Received on 2003-02-28

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