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Subject: Re: What do you think of this?
From: Björn Stenberg (
Date: 2003-02-27

Joaquim Carvalho wrote:
> As to the game there are 2 options:
> - program it in C (experienced players will not like it if it's
> not exactly the same as the real arcade machine)
> - write_a/use_an_open_source 6502 emulator. The 6502 was the first
> and only real RISC I knew (other RISCs I know have a more complex
> instruction set than most CISCs) The 6502 in Asteroids runs at
> the astonishing speed of 1.5MHz and does most instructions in 1
> clock cycle. The emulator should be easy and a pleasure to write.
> Optimized C code is probably fast enough. Rom size is 2Kb so
> on-the-fly re-compilation is also an option.
> Would an emulator thing be acceptable in Rockbox? The (illegal)
> ROM file shouldn't be included but could be loaded at runtime.

Having a 6502 emulator would, naturally, be immensely cool. However, it would be a pity only being able to legally distribute the emulator and not the actual game. Hence I personally vote for a rewritten C version.

> Is it possible to change the DSP decoder so it mixes an analogue
> sound stream with the decoded MP3?

Unfortunately not. The inner workings of the DSP is a closely guarded trade secret of Micronas.


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