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Subject: EU sources for purchasing a JB recorder 20
From: Joris van den Heuvel (
Date: 2003-02-28

Hi there,

I've struck gold here! Rockbox is great!

I've been lurking for a few weeks now, and decided to get an AJB recorder
20, simply because of Rockbox. I hope to improve my programming skills by
(hopefully) participating in the process. So far I've only been working
professionally with MCS51, 6500 and PIC assembler, but I'm anxious to add C
to my list.

Right now I'm stuck with a Soulplayer DMP-01 cd-mp3-wma player, which is
nice but very limited, and it skips a lot. It supports wma, but I haven't
got a single wma (I detest microsoft, shouldn't we all?)

So the Archos is perfect. So I want one. So I found a supplier in Germany.
They sell the AJB recorder 20 for Eur302 ex international shipping (Eur20).
This is the lowest I could find in Europe. Anybody who knows of a cheaper
source, please let me know. The cheaper the better, of course.

The first thing I will try to contribute to Rockbox will probably be support
for an external keypad and LCD for integration into a car dashboard.

And I've been thinking: would it be possible to HW mod the recorder to
record raw data from the A/D converter? According to page 8 of the Micronas
data sheet it's possible to output the raw recorded data on the S/PDIF and
I2S ports. You'd have to feed the S/PDIF or the I2S port directly to the
SH-1. Would the SH-1 be fast enough for this task, assuming it doesn't have
an integrated S/PDIF or I2S input?

Regards, and hoping to one day participate,

Joris van den Heuvel, NL

"Bass is the basis of all that is music"

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