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Subject: Re[2]: [OT] ripper -> mp3 software
Date: 2003-02-28

Friday, February 28, 2003 2:05:01 PM

On Friday, February 28, 2003 Warren 'Llama' Ernst wrote:

>>>You said that a Win32 option was fine, and actually, the MusicMatch
>>>Jukebox software that came with the Recorder (that IS what you have,
>>>right?) works great.

>> Personally I find the MusicMatch program clumsy and difficult to use. In
>> particular it's handling of playlist creation is useless for me.

WLE> Agreed. MusicMatch stinks when it comes to playlist creation. Usually my
WLE> music from the CD's I own get's put in an "Albums" directory, then a
WLE> directory that is the Album Name, and then the files are named "01 - We
WLE> Close Our Eyes.mp3"

WLE> If I want to hear the songs in order, I just turn off Shuffle. If I want
WLE> randomness, I turn on Shuffle. If I want random playing across
WLE> directories, then the filenames don't matter.

WLE> But CDEX looks really cool though. I assume that it is plenty fast and
WLE> high quality.

WLE> -Warr

about cdex... i kept getting so many bad rips(mostly problems with higher
frequencies & gaps), that i switched over to eac, and the rips sound perfect.
the advantages of eac are many and are well documented on and
personally, i do like cdex and used it for a long while, but untill its
updated abit i won't use it. hope this helps!



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