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Subject: Re: Alternative UI based on the current version of Rockbox 20030227

Re: Alternative UI based on the current version of Rockbox 20030227

From: Joaquim Carvalho <>
Date: 02 Mar 2003 10:40:29 +0000

On Sun, 2003-03-02 at 09:02, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> If you just press PLAY and let your Rockbox play songs in your pocket, it
> will be in the WPS all the time. Then you only need to know the key-combos
> and things that are valid for the WPS as long as you don't want to pick out
> the Archos from your pocket and see what happens. No need for "global keys"
> for that reason.

Just a single example: change the BASS level

with the original UI:
F1 - you have to look at the LCD to make sure it is in menu
Left - back to the WPS so you're sure where you are next time
Left - if you press one too many times then you change song
       so you really should look at the LCD again

with the changed UI:
F1 - (once is enough but more times is not wrong)
F3 - (once is enough but more times is not wrong)

I could go on and on but I think you get the idea.
If I'm missing something, please say so.

As to the key-combos, I find single key presses on the jukebox
when in the pocket hard enough.

> Regarding the busy part: all of us involved in this project work long hard
> days with our regular lifes and do this as a spare time hobby thing. Your
> situation is not much different than any others. Blaming that for doing weird
> patches is like saying that you're more special than all the current 50+
> contributors that so far have managed their busy lifes combined with
> supplying patches in a way that the patch-appliers can deal with them.

No, I said I'm busy to explain MY need for a changed Rockbox interface:
I need the simple interface to keep my life simple because I'm busy and
quite fed-up with all the electronic junk that surrounds me!

I'm sorry I did a single patch instead of separate ones, I didn't figure
that out when I started. It was not because I'm busy, just because I
didn't think about it beforehand, I didn't know the diff and patch
tools. At first I just wanted to setup the global keys but while I was
skimming through the code I got involved and kept making changes.
I offer to remove any unwanted features if you want to apply the other
changes to the main Rockbox source.

> Your patches will most certainly be appreciated anyway, but the persons who
> take care of it will get more work as I don't believe that we will apply all
> your changes (at least not until we've had them dicussed and gone over a few
> more times here on the list).

When I started changing the UI I did it for my personal use and to
show you my UI ideas. Some other guy wrote a web page for the same
purpose, I'd rather write some C code as that's what I do best.
I'd like to see the actual user interface discussed, including the
further idea of having user-recordable key sequences assigned to
long key presses.

After you decide if/what changes you want, a patch with those changes
will be submitted. I sent the binary for testing and discussion

> In short: by not following the guidelines, you give more work to one or all
> of us:

Never meant to do that, I'll do the necessary editing to remove unwanted
features and for any future contributions I'll submit smaller patches.

> Björn, Linus and me. And I promise you that we are the ones who have
> spent most time on this project already.

...and me and all other users are very grateful for that.
There are not many people with the skills to do Rockbox from scratch
and I found it surprising that you guys actually had the guts and
stamina to do it.
I bought the jukebox because of it.


P.S. I don't enjoy computer-like/menu interfaces on things.
A camera is a camera, a GPS is a GPS, a phone is a phone and a music
player is a music player. People don't have to be reminded that these
are all small computers running some special software.
I'd change the user interface on my G1 camera, Etrex GPS and T68 mobile
but there's no xxxbox for those things and Canon, Garmin and Ericsson
won't let me touch the sources (I asked Canon and Garmin, I know I'm
Garmin is actually a nice company as they keep fixing and improving on
the firmware themselves with juicy free downloads every couple of
months. The other two companies are not nice, specially Canon.
Received on 2003-03-02

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