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Subject: Re: WPS & shuffle bug?
From: Brian Wolven (
Date: 2003-03-04

Binder, David wrote:
> When I have shuffle turned on and running a playlist, the playlist
> position tag (%pp) displays correctly. However, if I have shuffle on
> and just playing a directory of songs, the playlist position displays
> the relative number of where that song is in the folder, instead of
> displaying what number the song is within the shuffled playlist (I
> hope this makes sense).

I'd think that the playlist position is only defined when you're
traversing a playlist; if you're just playing songs in a folder that tag
probably defaults to track number or file number, as you've seen happen
(after all, the same song can have multiple positions in multiple
playlists, right?). Or are you saying that you expect the third song
played to show %pp as 3 - regardless of where it is in the folder - even
if no playlist is loaded? In any case, I'd have to look at the source
code to know for sure - and it'd be a lot easier just to wait for those
who already know the answer to reply. =)

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