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Subject: Re: Record Timer Patch
From: Martin Borus (
Date: 2003-03-05 schrieb am 05.03.03 00:41:52:
> I've submitted a patch to sourceforge that adds record timer
> functionality to the latest AJBR CVS.
> Please bear with me as this is the first .C coding/patching/contributing
> I've done.
> The description on sourceforge:
> A patch that adds simple record timer functionality. The
> record timer (if set to active) stops a recording at a given
> interval and then starts recording again with a new file.
> This is useful for long term recordings. The break
> between recordings is only the time required to stop and
> restart the recording, on the order of 2-4 seconds.
> This adds two options to the "recording settings"
> menu, "Record Timer Active?" and "Record Timer
> Interval." These settings are stored in the hard disk
> settings area. Currently there are seven interval settings (5,
> 10, 15, and 30 minutes, 1, 2, and 4 hours.)

Hi, most of my long time recordings are much much longer and I would use
this setting to protect myself against the 2GB barrier. Sp please include the
setting 24hours (as well as 8/12 hours). With a 24h setting I could capture a whole week
of a radio station on the jukebox unattended and would only miss 2-4 seconds a
day. That would be awsome.
> If the record timer is set to active, the size of the recorded file is
> not shown on the recording screen, rather "Rec. Timer: [time]" is shown
> to indicate that the recording timer is active and the currently
> selected recording timer interval.

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