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Subject: Re[2]: Different font for WPS screen?
From: Christian D (
Date: 2003-03-05

BW> Joe Kearney wrote:
>> Im fairly certain this isnt possible, but since I havent seen it
>> anywhere...
>> Can the WPS screen have a different font vs the directory nav screens?
>> I assume there is simply a single systemwide font, but I didnt know if
>> it was possible to switch it somehow for the WPS.

BW> I think it was mentioned recently that rockbox supports only one font at a time.
BW> That said, it seems like it wouldn't be too difficult to have a font setting in
BW> the .wps file, and change from the "system" font to the "wps" font (if they are
BW> different) on the fly somehow. There may be issues that make that a bad idea
BW> though - someone who really knows what they're talking about (I certainly don't
BW> =P) will have to let us know.

I did a hack some time ago that uses two different fonts: The first for
browser/menus and the second for the wps. I suppose this meets Joe's
idea. For interestet people, there is a firmware (recorder only)
availble at:

Make sure you have uwe_prop.fnt (the best;) in your .rockbox
directory and notice that is only a _demo_.


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