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Subject: Re: Shuffle playlists (sometimes)
From: Christian D (
Date: 2003-03-07

> Johan Vromans wrote:
> > I have a number of playlists. Sometimes I want to play a playlist
> > straight, sometimes I want to play it shuffled. In general, I want
> > straight play except for certain playlists. So I'm considering:
> >
> > 1. An additional shuffle setting: "once".
> > The next Play command will shuffle, and reset it to "straight".
> > 2. Mark a playlist that it should be played shuffled. A distinct
> > extension, or some special data in the first line.
> > 3. A keypress (or combination thereof) that will have the next Play
> > command executed in shuffle mode.
> >
> > Alternatives 1 and 3 would also be applicable to playing directories.
> >
> > Ideas? Suggestions?
> I think a better idea is to pick up the old idea of binding .cfg files to
> .m3u (and .mp3) files. I.e. play_list() looks for a .cfg file with the
> name and location as the .m3u file. If it exists, it is loaded with
> settings_load_config().
Maybe we could use a default.cfg when no .cfg file with the same name and
location as the .m3u file was found. That's because I have different
directories with genre, artist and album playlists and I don't won't to create hundreds
of .cfg files. But it makes sense to have different settings for different
types playlists.

Oh yes, this feature sounds very interesting!


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