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Subject: Charging on the move
From: Rushton, Simon (
Date: 2003-03-07

Speaking of which, my mate has rigged up a connector so that he can charge
his FM Recorder from a 9v battery when he's on the move.

Do you know of any issues with this approach?


-----Original Message-----
From: Johan Vromans []
Sent: 06 March 2003 18:53
Subject: Re: Deep discharge

Chris Holt <> writes:

> You are thinking about Li-Ion batteries. NiMH likes to be fully
> discharged just like NiCad, it's just not as critical. With NiMh the
> biggest advantages are high current and energy/weight ratio and
> resistance to "memory effect". Notice I say resistance and not immunity.
> They do benefit from occasional conditioning (full discharge to ~1v/cell
> followed by full charge).


-- Johan

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