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Subject: Re: Backing up HDD content
From: Brian Wolven (
Date: 2003-03-08

Linus Nielsen Feltzing wrote:
> Joris van den Heuvel wrote:
>> [Not Rockbox related topic]
>> I was wondering, does anyone keep the contents of the Archos HDD
>> backed up on their computer? Or do you put all your music on the
>> Archos and if it ever fails, it just fails and you convert all your
>> CDs to MP3 again?
> I have all my music on my PC, and mirror it on my Archos. I have been
> doing that since I bought my jukebox, and have not yet had any crash.
> I don't see it as "keeping a backup of my Jukebox". I see it more as
> "having a copy of my music collection on my Jukebox".

I do the same (mirror PC to Archos), and it's nice to know I don't have
to start from scratch if one HD or the other develops a problem. Ripping
hundreds of CD's takes much longer than transferring the files,
especially with USB2, and there are always those promo songs that came
directly in MP3 format. Hard drives are so cheap these days it shouldn't
be a problem for most people. CompUSA here in the US (duh) had a 40 GB
Iomega external USB/Firewire drive on sale for 59.99 this week. They
sold out before I got mine. =(

It's also nice to be able to just drag music folders onto my work PC (I
don't have room for the whole collection), or backup work documents/data
sets to bring to a meeting or to work at home. The Archos is great in
that regard - no proprietary software and no DRM issues.

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