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Subject: Firmware
From: Zakk Roberts (
Date: 2003-03-10

Sorry if this got sent twice, I just realized you have to be subscribed to
send mail.
Your firmware for the Archos Recorder looks so completely awesome. I am
skeptical, though. Could you answer a couple questions??

1)First of all, is the 'Disk Locked' error guaranteed to occur, likely to
occur or particularly unlikely? How many times has it happened to you?

2)Is it possible to switch back to the original Archos firmware without
leaving a trace of the Rockbox one? (In case I have to replace it)

3)Built in to v1.4, I understand, is a feature that lets you switch to other
firmwares on-the-fly (such as original firmware in
'Firmwares>Original.ajbrec')? And also, how to go from the Archos original
to Rockbox, just restart the player? The original has no 'rolo'-type
firmware switcher!

Thanks a bunch, really cool firmware!

-Zakk (

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