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Subject: Patch overview

Patch overview

From: Björn Stenberg <>
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 10:05:14 +0100

Here's a list of all pending patches and my reasons for not (yet) merging them:

#617976 "scroll text files" (nobody)
Player-only. I haven't ran it. If anyone else has, please submit feedback. Also, submitting compressed patches is a sure way to end up in the bottom of the pile.

#618889 "status.c updates" (learman)
Being cosmetic only, I haven't looked much at it. 2.1 material.

#620582 "ffrw: peak meter -> progress bar" (nobody)
Never made much sense to me. But I guess it's a fair fix for prefering %pm instead of %pb.

#625487 ".rockbox browsing patch" (brking)
Good feature. I was going to add this to 2.0, but I'd like to trim the RAM usage a bit first.

#628509 "Many new games for the Rockbx" (blueloop)
The much-hyped chip8 emulator patch. This is a great feature, but will have to wait until the plugin system is written.

#654577 "New fonts" (z_00_m)
Unclear copyright.

#654699 "new puzzle game part 2" (fredang)
Games generally are postponed until we have plugins.

#667634 "Off Button as Exit button in Menus" (motscousus)
Patch contains unrelated changes.

#668740 "One (On) button hold" (huwsy)
Patch changes UI without mailing list discussion.

#669440 "Autobookmarks (multiresume) and Bookmarking, with diff" (benjamintm)
Has a stack usage issue (bookmark_write() for example uses >5 KB stack) and still hasn't addressed the issue of auto and manual bookmarks not being marked as such. 2.1 material.

#670501 "Sliding Puzzle" (vici)

#670504 "Another Game: FlipIt" (vici)

#670744 "Add support for APE tags" (learman)
Suffers from "compressed patch syndrome" and also gets pushed down in priority for being rather esoteric. (Foobar2000??)

#673350 "Improvements for status line" (diava)
No good reason. 2.1 material.

#676906 "Changes in Quick menu screens appearance" (quelsaruk)
I'm not happy with abandoning the "intuitive" look of the quickscreens, but acknowledge the problem with long strings. More discussion and ideas needed.

#679351 "simple calendar" (calpefrosch)

#686134 "menu+play does toggle shuffle" (nobody)
Useful, player owners? This patch suffers from lack of feedback.

#695524 "UI changes" (jdcx64)
Too big patch. Some changes are good, some are not. Too many assumptions in the code (such as font height) make it inflexible.

#697085 "Edit ID3 Tags" (jzoss)
Early version id3 editor. Needs another revision or two before merging.

#697362 "logging patch - find never used dirs" (thebreaker)
Nice idea, but not 2.0 stuff. Possibly 2.1.

#697373 "Recording Timer" (dmilamj)
The recording UI needs an overhaul. After that this can be added.

#698941 "F3 option from WPS" (bu88a1)
Hijacks the F3 quickscreen without list discussion. Try to not kill old features when adding new ones.

#699086 "autopreset of RTC after power-loss" (nobody)
Good feature. Awaiting better data packing in config block, as discussed in list.

#699202 "Custom Recording Filenames" (jzoss)
Feedback submitted. Waiting for updated patch.

#699326 "Bugfix for 683332 (fat.c win1251->iso translation)" (nobody)
Patch is not a patch, it replaces everything. Awaiting updated patch, but will probably not get it.

#699340 "Charging animation looks like in SonyEricsson mobile phones" (bofa)
No actual patch attached.

#700465 "Display right position of track in shuffled directory" (nobody)
Alters wps behaviour == bad idea. Make a new tag instead.

#700467 "Play all tracks in shuffled directory" (nobody)
I need to examine this more. It seems build_playlist() should handle this.

#700562 "Re-enable status line in USB xfer mode (Feat Req 700480)" (scotte)
Related to #673350. 2.1 material.

#701293 "Playlist only shuffle mode" (brking)
I'm not sure I see the point... List discussion would be good.

Received on 2003-03-11

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