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Subject: Re: 320 kbps MP3, I04: IllInstr ad 00000000
From: Linus Nielsen Feltzing (
Date: 2003-03-15

Andreas Heinz wrote:
> i experienced the same this evening. had no chance to find out if it
> came from a 320 kbit mp3, cause the only way to get rockbox started
> anymore was to delete the playlist so resume didnt work anymore ;)

Not if you use the "ask" option for the resume.

> personal comment: i dont think you should release these recent daily
> builds as version 2.1. that kind of buggy rockbox hasnt been for a
> while now.

Hehe. I don't think anyone considered releasing Rockbox with a bug like
that. And we will definitely release 2.0 before thinking about a 2.1
release. :-)

> but again i have to say: youre doing such a great work!


And by the way, that bug is now fixed Try a bleeding edge build.


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