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Subject: Re: another 8MB upgrade success story
From: roland (
Date: 2003-03-20

Hi !

>> But (for example) I'm thinking I have no directories approaching 400
>>biggest directory contains 89, and my average directory probably 15.

I have dirs with >500 mp3s.

I think all "buffer values" could be a user configurable option - so every
user could set it to his personally preferred value. Hey, users like
"features" in Rockbox ;)
(pardon, if this already has been discussed and probably been dropped for
some reason)

>> If I could save the additional bytes on the directory listing, I could
read more >>bytes per disk spin-up, reducing disk usage and increasing my
battery life.
I`m no user of pocket computers, but I remember that i tried such device
years ago, which had 16mb buffered ram. The user could choose, which
percentage he wanted for Programs (RAM) and how much for Data (RAMDisk). So
why not similar "RAM-
Partitioning" feature in rockbox?


For my opinion, I would like it, if Rockbox could recognize ramsize
automagically, if that`s not too much effort to implement.

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