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Subject: settings.c confuses me
From: TP Diffenbach (
Date: 2003-03-22

settings.c creates a config_block of 512 byes, and has functions dor copying the config_block to the global_settings and vice versa. I know that some settings are saved, if it exists, to the RTC, and some to disk.

However, both global_settings and config_block are static, so we wind up with two copies of the settings, one in global_settings and one in the config_block. (But bools in global_settings are masked into bits in config_block.)

Why not just read the settings on disk into global settings: read( fd, &global_settings, sizeof( global_settings)?, with some additional code for the RTC? It seems this would save a lot of code, and at least 512 bytes of statically allocated memory.

Since it's not done this way, I must be missing something. What am I missing?

Archos FM needs a Rockbox!

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