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Subject: long recording resulted in panic + findings in loud recordings
From: Filip (
Date: 2003-03-23

just want to say that after 225 minutes of recording (with an almost full
battery) , archos20030321.ajz resulted in a
REC FLS -114

he did save the file correctly.
i dont think it is normal , it should've recorded longer i think ..
and it certainly shouldnt ever result in a panic mode , but rather shut
down or whatever :)
anyway , now you guys know .

as for the recording of loud parties , here's what i've noticed so far :
recording at 8db and the archos external microphone half open resulted in
huge clipping of basses
recording at -3 db and the archos external microphone a very little bit
open resulted in just the bassline , nothing else .. they werent clipped
but they sound very cratchy , as they are clipped anyway , maybe in the mic
itself ? ..
i dont think it's possible to make descent live recordings in a very loud
environment with the archos , but i'll try some more things i guess


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