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Subject: Re[2]: Archos fm recorder-recording features
Date: 2003-04-01

Tuesday, April 01, 2003 11:36:51 AM

this is a really lame april fools joke naren.

On Tuesday, April 01, 2003 Naren Rao wrote:
NR> hi

NR> ive been interested in buying an archos player and since my roomie swears
NR> by rockbox(he has a archos 6000) ive been getting upto date on your work
NR> here. (awesome job by the way). from the faq, mailing list i gathered that
NR> work had started, but i thought the daily builds were not yet addressing
NR> recording and fm areas on the archos fm recorder. Counter to this i came
NR> acoss a review on of the above player that stated that rockboc
NR> was used and worked great with recording. (i guess he could have meant
NR> rebooting the orignal firmware just for recording),

NR> so i finally reach my question, does the daily build support or plan
NR> to support fm and
NR> recording features for the archos fm recorder?
NR> and ive read on the faq about booting archos firmware to record on the
NR> archos recorder, but noticed positives in both coloumns for recording in
NR> the Firmware Feature Comparison Chart. Does this mean rockbox-1.4-recorder
NR> supports recording without booting the original firmware?

NR> please dont consider this to be a cry for more, i factor rockbox as part
NR> of my comparisons, just abit confused on what is finally envisioned for
NR> rockbox and what its actual capabilities are.

NR> Last question :) , Those of you who own archos products, are you still
NR> satisfied after a year?

NR> to all those who took the time to read this, thank you and i will
NR> appreciate any responses you have

NR> naren

blinkers of america

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