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Subject: What's left for 2.0? (red lights)

What's left for 2.0? (red lights)

From: Thijs Withaar <>
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 19:20:33 +0200

> My Recorder 20 does crash a lot, but it has never crashed indoors,
> and it doesn't seem to be movment related. I'll look into the heat idea.
> =======================================

i've had only few 'red lights' but always under the same
circumstances :

-put on the rockbox, get on the bicycle, and after say
1.5 minute (that is the first spinning up of the harddisk after
power on), it hangs.

rebooting works and then a don't have the problem for at least
a few days.

the roads are quite good, so movement can hardly be the problem.

Since i can't really reproduce the error (it only happens quite
rarely), i'm afraid i can't do much more testing.

> On 03.04.2003 at 09:56 AM wrote:

> I am experiencing the same thing.

> "Eldridge, Fredric G." <>
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> 04/03/2003 09:16 AM Please respond to

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> SubjectRE: What's left for 2.0?

> I have a really off the wall idea about this. For some time I have
> thought that this problem might be temperature related. I know this
> sounds bizarre but it has been consistent ever since I got my Archos FM
> Recorder about three months ago. I live in North Dakota where we get a
> lot of cold weather but since the weather has started to get a little
> more spring like this problem is a lot less common. I always take the
> unit indoors at night and when I first start it up in the car it works
> for a while. If it is cold out it will lock up after 10 - 15 minutes.
> After restarting if I keep it warm, for instance, by putting the unit in
> my shirt pocket under my coat it will not reoccur.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Daniel Stenberg []
> Sent: Thursday, April 03, 2003 7:35 AM
> To: Rockbox
> Subject: What's left for 2.0?

> We're down to only one single flaw that is still considered a
> show-stopper
> for the upcoming 2.0 release, and that is the ATA/disk problems
> sometimes
> referred to as the 'red led death' (and similar).

> Some minor adjustments have been made lately that according to some
> people
> have improved the situation.

> We need more feedback, more reports, more analyses. Bring your opinions
> and
> your ideas.

> The problem that sometimes appears in combination with rewinding or fast
> forwarding, is not the same problem and will not be addressed before the
> 2.0
> release since it will require a somewhat larger fix.

> --
> Daniel Stenberg -- --

> Jack (Futurealive Games)

Received on 2003-04-03

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