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Subject: Re: What's left for 2.0?

Re: What's left for 2.0?

From: <>
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2003 07:37:53 +0200 (MEST)

> We need more feedback, more reports, more analyses. Bring your opinions
> and
> your ideas.

I have only small issues:

- I can reproducibly hang it by plugging in the USB cable when Rockbox
starts. Happened to me quite alot unintentionally when I was about to use it as a
USB harddisk, until I learned that I have to wait longer before plugging in.
When I plug in about 1-3 seconds after disk spinup, I get a mixed display,
with the file tree in the background and the rockbox logo and version
"splashed" on top of that. The PC doesn't recognize the disk, and rockbox is dead in a
way that it responds to buttons only with bringing the light on again (and
off after a few seconds), but no more. I can (and have to) switch it of,

- I like the proportional font, but the selected font is not used in all the
screens, a few are using the system font. For some this might be
intentional? Examples are recording, the hardware info screen under debug, the F2 and F3
screen, the version info, the clock in the menu, most of the games and

- the option screens are a bit inconsistant in a way that mostly the left
button brings you back, but for some this button is used and you have to use
the off button instead, fine. But off doesn't work in general as an "out"
command, so some guessing/trying is necessary.

For the future, I humbly have some feature requests (probably all of them
have already been raised, please excuse if so):

- better useage of the F-Keys, right now practically everything is under F1,
F2 is useful to some extent, F3 is practically wasted in my opinion. I guess
nobody needs to change scoll bar/status bar/invert that often, could go
under some F1 setting. How about making F3 (or also F2?) the "favorite" button
in a way that all settings are generally somewhere under F1, but if you press
F3 somewhere in that tree it will become your future shortcut to there?

- could the setup screens with simple values like sound, display, record
setup, etc. maybe show the current value right aligned beside the entry? Then
you'll get an overview and don't have to step into all of them to make shure
they're OK?

- when recording, is there a chance to have the disk inactive while
recording the first part, as long as the buffer lasts? Then it would be well possible
to use the microphone for shorter memos. Either open the file before
recording, or when the buffer reaches the limit.

That's all I can think of right now, thank you for your patience, and of
cause for every bit of Rockbox!


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Received on 2003-04-04

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