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Subject: Re: For a patch, what file name format do you use?
From: Johan Vromans (
Date: 2003-04-04

TP Diffenbach <> writes:

> For a patch I'm writing, I'd like to know, from as many persons on
> this list as would be willing to reply, what file name format(s) you
> use.




The ID3 information matches this scheme exactly (with spaces instead
of underscores).

For VA collections, it is slightly different:


However, since a VFAT file system disallows the use of ":" in file
names, I use two adjacent "__" to represent ":_".



In this case, the ID3 entry is:
  Artist: Ben Webster
  Album: The Original Jazz Masters Series Vol.1 Disc1
  Track: Stormy Weather

I have a program to automatically adjust ID3 entries and file names
according to the corresponding CDDB data.

-- Johan

PS: My use of "Vol. 1" and "Disc 1" is not always consistent:

  Blah, Disc 1
  Blah Disc 1
  Blah (Disc 1)
  Blah (Disc 1 of 4)
  Blah (Disc 01 Of 16)

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