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Subject: Re: Regarding installation of Rockbox
From: Chris Hoekstra (
Date: 2003-04-05

Nithin Nakka wrote:

> I am thinking of installing the Rockbox firmware on Archos JukeBox
>Recorder 20. It currently has Archos firmware 1.28 .
>1. Can I do everything with the Rockbox firmware that I can do with the
>Archos firmware, for example, Changing Artist, Album, Title name for a
>recording etc.?
most everything and then some. I believe id3 editing is still missing

>2. Does Rockbox have more functionality than the Archos Firmware can
yes. Too many to list, but here is a GREAT comparison of the features.

>3. Does Archos have a newer version of its own firmware?
A quick check of
shows that no, there is no newer version for recorders.

>4. If I install Rockbox Firmware, will it in any way effect the files on
>my jukebox?
nope. You can choose different fonts for the display, so it can affect
how it looks, but your mp3 files will remain the same.

>5. If I install the Rockbox Firmware will I be able to revert back to the
>old Archos Firmware and how can I do that?
you normally place an new ajbrec.ajz in the root of your archos and it
will use that version instead of the factory installed one. This is the
same way as Rockbox. So to remove the rockbox, just delete the
ajbrec.ajz file and reboot.

> I would be thankful if someone could answer these questions for


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