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Subject: Re: Test of viewer

Re: Test of viewer

From: Andrew Jamieson <>
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 21:17:02 +1000

It works fine on my player. It makes the text viewer much more useable, and
I for one would like to see it included asap. Some method to see what is a
CR in the file as opposed to the viewer changing lines would be handy ....


----- Original Message -----
From: "Michael O'Quinn" <>
To: "RockBox Mailing List" <>
Sent: Monday, April 07, 2003 4:19 AM
Subject: Re: Test of viewer

> Garrett sent this to me via private email because it had the binaries
> attached, and not everyone necessarily wants that in their in boxes. I'm
> replying here in the list (without the attachments, of course) so others
> can join the discussion if they wish.
> On Sat, 5 Apr 2003, Garrett Derner wrote:
> > Here are 4 versions.
> >
> > For the Player, I set the toggle to On-Right. I don't know whether that
> > make sense. In case it does not toggle, I am sending one that starts
> > Unwrapped and one that starts Wrapped.
> It's great to be able to look at text files without crashing! The
> toggling works just fine on my Player.
> After fiddling with it, I think that the unwrapped version should auto
> scroll the line the cursor is on. Maybe that should be an additional mode,
> something that could be turned on and off.
> >
> > Also in case you can use Rec or FM, I am sending those.
> >
> > Known issues:
> >
> > Player: Return and Newline characters show up as black rectangles.
> Actually, in wrapped mode, something to indicate a new line CAN be kinda
> useful, depending on how the text is originally formatted.
> >
> > Recorder: Proportional fonts are not properly supported; generally
> > is too much right margin.
> >
> > Both: At this time he is only reading the first 1K of the file; after
> > first K you can not scroll down further.
> Will this changed in the future?
> One thing I would recommend is making it so we can view not only files
> that end in ".txt" but some other extensions as well. .nfo, .log and .sfv
> for the downloaders. Maybe .bat just in case. Perhaps this could even be
> something that is configurable. Actually, that would be really great,
> since that would remove hard coded restrictions on what files are
> viewable. (Not a criticism of what's there now, just a hopefully
> fruitful area for future growth.)
> Thinking about how I might use this, I can see several
> possibilities.
> One is reading the *.txt, *.log and *.nfo files that come with Usenet
> downloads.
> Another is typing in the liner notes to an album.
> Another is the AMG (All Music Guide - summaries.
> Some of these files are just a long string of text, and the lines can
> break wherever. With this type of file, wrapping makes a lot of sense.
> But some of the files are more structured and formatted. They might look
> like...
> =====[ BEGIN ]=====
> NFO-file created by Post Assistant v0.05
> Date : 1-6-02 -- Time : 1:14:12
> Artist : Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze
> Album : The dark Side of the Moog IX
> Source : CD
> Year : 2002
> Genre : electronic
> Label : FAX
> ID : PK 08/163
> Encoder : Exact Audio Copy 9pb11
> Codec : Lame 3.92
> Bitrate : 320 44100/Stereo - HQ On
> ID3-Tag : Yes, Version 1
> Posted By : Japie on 01-06-2002
> Ripped By : Japie on 31-05-2002
> Where :
> Crosspost : alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.electronic
> : alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.2000s
> Included : This Info-File (NFO)
> Check File (SFV)
> Playlist (M3U)
> Frontcover
> Backcover
> CD-cover
> =====[ END ]=====
> fact this is part of one of my test files.
> This file was hard to navigate in any comprehensible manner, due to the
> limitations of the Player's display.
> To summarize my rather stream of consciousness above...
> (1) Space compression. Set all whitespace to display as only one space,
> so not as much horizontal scrolling is needed.
> (2) Use auto scroll, just like RockBox normally does with lines too long
> to fit the screen. (Actually, this alone would fix a lot of the evilness
> of the tiny display.)
> (3) Something else?
> Another thing that would make browsing a LOT easier (at least on the
> Player, I don't know about the others) is to make the for direction keys
> actually move in the four directions. I've gotten used to
> navigating by pressing Stop (which is in the down position) to go Up in
> the directory hierarchy, because I think of it as "Stop looking here and
> go toward root."
> But as soon as I look at a text file, I was the sucker to move up, down
> left and right by pressing up, down, left and right. The navigation,
> while consistent with the rest of the RockBox navigation, just didn't turn
> my crank while viewing a file.
> So, to pull this all together:
> (1) Space compression would be useful in some situations.
> (2) Reading files other than *.txt would be nice. Being able to configure
> to read _any_ file would be REALLY nice.
> (3) Navigation should make File Navigation Sense, not RockBox Navigation
> sense. (This may violate an (un?)stated credo of the primary developers;
> if so, I can state my case in more detail if you'd like. My primary
> purpose here is to NOT use the same (shifted) keys for both horizontal and
> vertical scrolling. That's just too counter-intuitive.)
> (4) That implies something other than Stop (which would become Down)
> would be needed for exiting the text viewer.
> (5) There are getting to be more modes...
> (i) Not wrapped, with horizontal scrolling via the "keyboard."
> (ii) Not wrapped, with auto scroll on the cursor line, like RockBox
> already does in a lot of places.
> (ii) Wrapped.
> (Iv) Something you called orphan or adoptive. (Sounds like wrapped
> to me, but what do I know?)
> (6) Navigation ideas. Maybe a menu to pick the mode would work. So would
> key combinations...
> (i) Say press Menu, cursor to the desired mode, and press Play.
> Pressing Menu or Stop would exit back to the text
> screen with the mode unchanged.
> (ii) Use On to exit the text viewer.
> (iii) For quicker changes, use On+Play, On+Stop, On+Left, and On+Right
> to select some of the modes.
> (iv) This way new or occasional users could use menus, while Text
> Viewer Power Users could just use the key presses. (Not sure if
> this has any Real Advantage, but I thought I'd mention it.)
> >
> > Thanks for helping!
> And that YOU for doing the lion's share of the work. This is all my
> highly personal opinion, and YMMV, etc. etc.
> Michael
Received on 2003-04-07

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