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Subject: Re: FAT32/defrag/BSOD question, feature comparison
From: Daniel Stenberg (
Date: 2003-04-09

On Tue, 8 Apr 2003, spidermagnet wrote:

> Opening the defrag mmc window was no problem, but as soon as I hit
> "Analyze" for this drive, 2K bluescreens with a FAT error. I am fully aware
> that this is not an M$ 12-step support group, but if you had any info, i'd
> find it interesting.

The filesystem on the Archos should be like any other filesystem and should
indeed be "scandiskable" and "defraggable" under Windows.

> Feature Comparsion Table

> Couple of things could be added:
> Accurate per-song bitrate display Yes No
> <explanation>I make my mp3s at 208 or 224 abr, and the archos OS always
> displays them as being at 128, with a length of (1.75 * actual # of
> seconds) and the time goes 1.75 times faster as it plays.</explanation>

Right. Interesting fact figured out by Linus: The 128kbit bitrate Archos
displays is actually the XING header, which looks like a 128kbit frame...
And what's perhaps more interesting is that when you record with the Archos
firmware it actually creates a XING header. So it can write it, but not read

> FM Tuner (FM Recorder) Yes No
> <explanation>So far anyway, right?</explanation>

Correct. Except that the Yes and No got reversed! ;-)

Thanks, I've added both these lines to the comparison table.

 Daniel Stenberg -- --

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