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Subject: Re: Rockbox manual
From: Blue Chip (
Date: 2003-04-10

> >>1) Running it through a spell checker would be good
> >>(e.g. License is spelled incorrectly as "Licence")

Both are legal English (and American) words - so a spell checker would not
spot that error.
You would need a grammar checker for that particular example.
Also be warned that there is no agreement on the definitions of either of
these words.
qv: (Chamers English Dictionary) A licence; To license
qv: (Princeton University Press) A license; To licence

> >I think this is the accepted UK spelling. Who wants to argue about
> >English vs. American English? Let's just make all the docs in Swedish to
> avoid
> >that issue. =)
>Couldn't we write them in assembler? :o)

...or maybe "U.S. Assembler"; much like Assembler - only, not used by
native Assembler coders ;-P


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