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Subject: hardware and compile - question...
From: Franz Krauth (
Date: 2003-04-10

heya all!

first a big thanx to all rockboxers...

rockbox is great work - and good fun to play with...

it took me a few days but finaly i was able to compile a ...ajz file... and it runs...
i could compile a runing win32 simulator as well... (i did the cygwin way...)

so - i thaught - lets do something...

i tried to do a new command in the demo-menu and it worked well... as long as i compiled it with the sh1-gcc... but not under the win32 simulator... gcc compiler can not find the external command...

what i did was:
new command in the demo_menu.c
and an additional entrance in the english.lang
and the c-file with the source-code i want to be invoked...

do i have to change a file in the uisimulator folder? - any hints for me?


i have an recorder 20 - it is allmost one year old now... and lately it happends that if i press the up or left button the f1 or f2 commands are executetd...

i had a look inside... but all the little plastic-peaces are on the right place... there is notheing wrong to see...

did someone experience this (or similar...) bevore...

so - thanks for all your work again... if i can find something i will bring some work as well...


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