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Subject: Re: 2 Bugs in latest CVS 030410-1740
From: Björn Stenberg (
Date: 2003-04-11

Tom Burrus wrote:
> Start a playlist (normal or shuffled mode).
> Allow first song to start playing.
> Press FF twice in fairly rapid succession (e.g. to
> skip TWO songs, yes I was playing with the mp3
> loading problem mentioned earlier!)
> Watch and listen to what happens:
> Song 3 in playlist begins to play (it DID skip!)
> "End of Song List" is displayed
> WPS goes back to directory screen
> Play indicator goes to "Stop"

I can't repeat this. Others?

> 2. Skip while Paused bug:
> Start a playlist.
> Let first song begin playing.
> Press "Pause"
> Press FFwd to skip to next.
> AJBR skips to next and WPS updates with new song BUT
> Unit begins playing next song (unlike before) and
> Pause icon remains on status line.

This doesn't happen to me either. For me the archos waits, in pause mode, at the start of the next track. As expected.

> The reason I built this one (was on 3/19 build) was to
> get the "stop playing when FFWD is pressed" fix.

Please try latest daily build and verify that you see the bugs there too.


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