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Subject: Re: Rockbox manual

Re: Rockbox manual

From: Michael O'Quinn <>
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2003 21:17:01 -0700 (PDT)


> Hi!
> I've uploaded a new version of the manual.
> I hope there are no more errata, but for sure there are still a lot of errors.
> Feel free to critic again :)
> Jose Maria


I have a few comments and suggestions. Please take these in the spirit
they are offered. You've done an awesome job with this manual, and my
suggestions are only meant to help make it as good as possible for the
2.0 release. Some of these may have already been mentioned by others. If
so, please accept my apologies for repeating...

Can you add page numbers that print?

Section 6.2, Sound Settings, Channels. Need to add and explain: Karaoke,
Stereo Wide, and Stereo Narrow

Section 6.3.1 Playback Options, Resume. Add and explain
Ask Once setting.

Section 6.3.1 Playback Options, FF/RW Min Step. Should state the units is

Section 6.3.1 Playback Options, Anti-skip Buffer. First word of last
sentence not capitalized.

Section 6.3.2 File View Options, Show Files. Add and explain Playlists

Section 6.3.3 Display Options, Scroll Speed. Explain the units used in
inputing the scroll speed. Why is it "Hz"? Is bigger faster, or the
other way around?

Section 6.3.3 Display Options, Scroll Step Size. Should say this is for
Recorder/FM only. (Or not for the Studio/Player, or however you have
decided to state this...)

Section 6.3.3 Display Options, Backlight Timer. On the actual menu in a
Player, this is just called "Backlight".

Section 6.3.3 Display Options, Contrast. Should have a warning that this
can make the display completely unreadable!

Section 6.3.3 Display Options, Invert. Not on Player.

Section 6.3.3 Display Options, Volume Display. Not on Player.

Section 6.3.3 Display Options, Battery Display. Not on Player.

Section 6.3.4 System Options, Disk Poweroff. Either Not on Player, or is
gone completely.

Section 6.3.4 System Options, Time Format. Not on Player.

Section 6.3.4 System Options, Idle Poweroff. This could possible use some
more explanation. This is a very important option for saving battery
life, and it seems kind of buried among the clutter.

Section 6.3.5 Save Settings. This is labeled "Write .cfg file" on the
Player. (And maybe on the recorder too, but I don't know...)

Section 6.5 Playlist Creation. Should mention that the playlist file is
created one directory ABOVE the current directory.

Section 6.7 Sleep Timer. I've never used this myself, but I assume this
option is reset to zero after each use. Perhaps that should be mentioned.

Section 6.10 Info. On a Player it is necessary to press plus or minus to
see all of the info.

Section 9.3 Configuring the WPS, Description / General Info. You say "The
line that has the time displayed on it..." Which time do you mean? There
are %pf, %pc, %pr, %pt and %bt. I suspect on the Player that %pb (the
Progress Cup) would also not work on a scrolling line.

Also, mention should be made of %pf, the graphical progress bar for the
Player. This alone made me a LOT less jealous of Recorder owners. It's a
wonderful piece of work; to me it's one of the best things about RockBox.
I think we should really toot this particular horn.

Section 9.4 Building Your Own Settings File. It's a lot easier to just
"Write .cfg file" and then edit. This should be mentioned.

Section 10, Using ROLO. Before using ROLO to boot the Archos firmware,
you have to download the appropriate *.mod or *.ajz file from Archos'

Section 11, Features Comparison Chart. "Corrects Reported Bugs" should be
"Developer Corrects Reported Bugs." Also, to avoid potential slander or
libel accusations, the answer in the Archos column should be changed
from "???" to "No". Stating that Archos (the company, in this case, NOT
the firmware) NEVER corrects bugs is kind of rude at best, and fighting
words at worst.

Section 11, Features Comparison Chart. "Generates XING..." Perhaps
the goodness of this should be explained. This IS a "user" manual, after
Received on 2003-04-13

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