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Subject: Re: For Comment and Trial: "Alternating WPS Lines" Proposed WPS extension

Re: For Comment and Trial: "Alternating WPS Lines" Proposed WPS extension

From: Michael O'Quinn <>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 21:46:22 -0700 (PDT)

This sounds, er, LOOKS great!

But the executables are not there. There is a link to another page, which
is totally blank.

I'd like to try it, so I'm looking forward to being able to download it.


On Thu, 17 Apr 2003, c s wrote:

> I wanted a better way other than using very long
> scrolling lines to display all the information that I
> wanted to see on wps within the limited player
> display space, so I decided to extend the
> functionality of the wps to accomplish this. I have
> summarized what I have done to solicit input from
> anyone who would like to try it out and/or make any
> comments or suggestions.
> My wps extension introduces a concept of alternating
> "sub-lines".
> An alternating sub-line is defined as a wps format
> line which will be displayed on one line of the wps
> for a specified time, followed by one or more
> additional wps format lines which will be displayed on
> the line for a specified time.
> Every line of the wps can have it's own group of
> sub-lines that are each displayed for a specified
> time. The display presented on the wps for each line
> will consist of the alternating consecutive display of
> each sub-line defined for that line.
> The sub-line concept is similar to specifying several
> formats on one line and using scrolling so that they
> all can be seen, except that sub-lines are more
> powerful in the following ways:
> 1) Sub-lines that fit the width of the LCD will not
> scroll but will simply be displayed on the line until
> the next sub-line item is displayed (however sub-lines
> that are longer than the width of the LCD can still be
> scrolled).
> 2) Sub-lines can combine any wps formats, so you can
> now display a non-scrollable format such as track
> elapsed time followed by a scrolled format on the same
> line.
> 3) The user has control over how long each sub-line
> item is displayed before the next item is displayed.
> For example, on one line you can:
> a. Display the Artist and Title ID3 tags
> for 5 seconds (scrolled), and then....
> b. Display file bit rate and file frequency
> for 1 second (not scrolled), and then....
> c. Display track elapsed time for 2 seconds
> (not scrolled), and then repeat the cycle.
> 4) The ability to control the time that each item is
> displayed and the fact that long lines can be split
> into smaller sub-lines that can be displayed with or
> without scrolling makes for a display where each
> individual item is much easier to read than if they
> were all specified on one long line that is
> continuously scrolled.
> --------------------------------
> Changes To The WPS Format Specification
> This wps extension is backward compatible with the
> current wps specification. Current wps definitions
> will still display the same as they do now.
> The wps format specification language is extended as
> follows:
> 1) The ';' character is used to separate items on a
> line into sub-lines.
> 2) The "%t[0-9]" tag is used to specify a time 0-9
> (seconds) for the sub-line to be displayed before the
> next sub-line is displayed. (example: %t3)
> 3) The "%;" tag can be used to escape the special
> meaning of the ';' character and display a ';'
> character on wps line.
> Example wps sub-line specifications:
> %s%t5%ia - %it;%t1%fb;%t2%pc %pr
> This will display the artist and title ID3 tags for 5
> seconds (scrolled if it's longer than the display
> width), then display the file bit rate for 1 second
> (not scrolled), then display the track current and
> remaining time for 2 seconds (not scrolled).
> Conditionals can be used within sub-line
> specifications just as they are currently used for
> single line specifications.
> Here is a more complex sub-line specification that
> uses conditionals (note that this is all one line
> although it may be wrapped in this message):
> %?ia<%t6%s%it by %ia|%t1No ID3
> Info>;%?ia<%t0|%t5%sFilename:%fn>;%t1%fb kbps;%t1%ffHz
> The format above will do two different things
> depending if the artist ID3 tag is present:
> If the Artist ID3 tag is defined, the wps line will
> appear as follows:
> "<ID3 title> by <ID3 artist>" displays for 5 seconds
> (scrolled)
> "<file bitrate> kbps" displays for 1 second
> "<file frequency>Hz displays for 1 second
> If the Artist ID3 tag is not defined, the wps line
> will appear as follows:
> "No ID3 Info" displays for 1 second
> "Filename:<filename>" displays for 5 seconds
> (scrolled)
> "<file bitrate> kbps" displays for 1 second
> "<file frequency>Hz displays for 1 second
> Note that with the use of conditionals and using a
> sub-line time of 0 inside the condition branch, a
> different number of sub-lines can be displayed on the
> line depending on the branch taken for the
> conditional.
> ---------------------------
> This extension to the wps specification is primarily
> useful for the player where you only have 2 lines of
> 11 characters, but there is nothing player specific in
> the implementation and it should work on the recorder
> also.
> Although there are still a few improvements I plan to
> add to this, I am presenting what I have working now
> to solicit comments from the group and inquire if
> anyone finds this useful and would like to see it
> submitted to be considered for inclusion in the CVS.
> The source code still needs to be cleaned up before I
> make it available, but if anyone wants to try out what
> I have so far, executables are available at:
> I need someone to test it on a Recorder as I only have
> a Player for testing.
> =====
> Craig
> __________________________________________________
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Received on 2003-04-18

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