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Subject: Re: WPS Feature requests -- Alternating WPS lines
Date: 2003-04-17

In response to c s's allegations:

I think that this will be a major asset to the WPS capabilities - I look
forward to seeing your implementation!


> --- Kjell Ericson <> wrote:
>> On Wed, 16 Apr 2003, Brent Geery wrote:
>> > 6. "Alternating" WPS lines!
>> I like that!
>> I've made a test (some days ago) with making it
>> possible to switch between two
>> WPS-statements every second. Looked like hell in
>> the simulator (not so
>> accurate timer I'm afraid), and I've not tried it in
>> real hardware yet.
> I actually have been working on this and have a fairly
> complete implementation of this feature. Some of the
> highlights of what I have implemented are:
> 1) Basic ability to alternate between multiple WPS
> line formats on each line of the Archos.
> 2) Works with any combination of static, dynamic, and
> scrolled lines
> 3) Ability to control of the length of time that each
> line format is displayed before switching to the next
> one.
> I will post a complete write-up of what I have
> implemented to get comments from the group. Watch for
> it to be posted to this mailing list shortly. I can
> probably also make an executable available for those
> who want to try out what I have so far.
> =====
> Craig
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