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Subject: Re: [ltp] SIMPLE QUESTIONS -Reply


From: Chris Hoekstra <>
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2003 11:19:46 -0500

Yeah, I have actually tried phoenix on my beefy desktop, but haven't
actually tried it on my slow laptop. I found it lacking in features
compared to mozilla, but again, on a slower machine just used for a
wireless couch computer this is a great thing. I really should get off
my butt and use that instead. Good idea.

The mail client you are talking about, Minotaur, looks kinda interesting
as well. Being a big netscape/mozilla fan, this is a great alternative
and would surely be another option since I would loose the mail portion
of the mozilla suite when moving to phoenix.

As a side note, for others reading, Mozilla is moving to a complete
rewrite after 1.4 and going with the phoenix code and the minotaur code
for the basis of all future versions. Here is the roadmap from mozilla
that talks about their rationalle, and the tough choices they have/need
to make.
Definitely a good read if you are interested...

Thanks for the wm suggestions. I'll have to try one of those out and
see if I can get it to work with Mandrake.


Jeff Pummill wrote:

>Have had some mixed success with Vector Linux which is a scaled
>down variant of Slackware, but more "trying" for those new to Linux as
>a whole. Using Vector and either XFCE or IceWM as the desktop, it is
>VERY snappy!
>A browser to consider is Phoenix. It is a derivative of Mozilla (as most all
>things are now) but much more sleek and efficient. I have heard that
>there is an integrated mail client being made available for Phoenix as well
>which is something that most of the more streamlined browsers lack...
>My two cents and probably not quite worth that...
>Jeff Pummill
>>>>Chris Hoekstra <> 04/16/03 10:34am >>>
>Having just come off of using Win98 on my Thinkpad 770z (PII-366,
>8Gb), and running Mandrake 9.1, I would have to say the default
>gnome/kde window manager is WAY slower than Win98, but then again,
>are several reasons.
>First, and biggest, is that Win98 is a 5 year old operating system,
>targeted to 5 year old computers, and tuned for that level of
>performance. Mandrake 9.1, Red Hat 9.0, etc are 2-4 week old operating
>systems that are meant to run on the latest and greatest hardware. So
>the default options are very graphically rich yet this slow down the
>overall "feel" of how fast the computer is.
>Second, as I mentioned a bit, are the default options. Gradiated title
>bars, 3d rounded buttons, fading in/out, transparent menu's, windows,
>etc etc.
>I changed my theme to a blander yet higher performance one, still using
>gnome, and it made a noticable difference. However, things like the
>beefy mozilla 1.4a still take much longer to launch, but again, this is
>a modern browser running on old hardware.
>The suggestion to use blackbox or another slim window manager is an
>interesting one, and is my next todo. This should make things snap a
>little faster, however loading time for applications will still be
>almost as long.
>J. C. Masias Guillen wrote:
>>I think most of the problems we have about install linux in tp's because
>>of licenses are important but what about:
>>- speed: if you install linux, but is slow.
>>- the computer: if you install linux, but you can't use the Fn funtions.
>>I have a 600E, p2, 366mhz, 64mb, 6.4gb.
>>- At least, How much extra memory I will buy to increase speed as in
>>windows 98?
>>- Can I erase the swap partition?
>>- If I only install in one partition Linux (I really dont want w98), The
>>FN functions will work? or I must have a DOS partition?
>>- The hibernation will work whitout a DOS partition?
Received on 2003-04-18

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