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Subject: Re: New feature idea: Loop recording
From: Michael O'Quinn (
Date: 2003-04-19

On Sat, 19 Apr 2003, Jos Laake wrote:

> wrote:
> > you mean a "loop recorder" which gives me the ability "record" all
> > the time and only when I press a button, it saves the last X minutes
> > (loop buffer lenght) to a file?
> Yes, that's exactly it! A lot of my ideas come on
> the fly, and the problem isn't coming up with new


> By the same math, 24 hours (1440 minutes) would take
> around 1 GB. Cool. But you'd run out of battery first.
> The problem with that (ask George Martin) is that
> you have to wade through a ton of crap to find those
> few ounces of gold. That's why it would be so nice to
> have it running, looping all the time, and then just
> catch the good stuff that you know just happened. Then
> you're just wading through a pile of "good stuff" instead
> of a mountain of crap. It's still 50%-60% crap ;-) ,
> but that's a lot better than 99.5% crap or missing the
> golden nuggets because the recorder wasn't ready.

You wouldn't have to do loop recording if you could use a bookmark to
capture the position when something interesting happened. Since I have a
Player, not a Recorder, I don't really know that much about bookmarks, but
could they do what you want?

I'm not saying that loop recording wouldn't be cool though!


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