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Subject: Re: Version 2.3
From: Jos Laake (
Date: 2003-04-21

Björn Stenberg wrote:

> My current plan is to have a single inbound call,
> which passes the function pointer struct and then
> is used by the plugin as the execution thread.
> When that call exits, the plugin is unloaded and
> control returns to the core Rockbox GUI.

Like some giant loadable subroutine, right? So, the
core Rockbox GUI is always there? Or is it just the
default plugin that gets reloaded at the end of any
other plugin? Also, is there any rule that sez the
plugin *has* to grab the UI? Could it be something,
I dunno, some other bizarre mini-process? And on the
darker side, could this open the door to some Rockbox
cracker making a "virus" plugin that does some cool
little game but secretly lies waiting for the trigger
to go off and then trashes 15GB of your favourite
music from the hard drive?

Just thinking of possibilities...

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