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Subject: Re: RE : Size/quality of the different model screens
From: Scrambler (
Date: 2003-04-22

Thanks for the info, SeeSchlo▀. I would probably buy
another unit then sell my current one. These things
still have a good resale value. I figure it'd take 50$
or so for the upgrade.

Ok, since the display seems to be better, I'll
probably upgrade. The scroll is a bit "jerky" on the
Studio 20. And I too like the design of the FM
Recorder, but won't use the recording feature, but you
never know if I'm out of town and hear a cool radio
station. I mainly use it as a player for my car, and a
portable hard drive for work and home. So I think I'll
benefit from USB 2.0 alone.


--- SeeSchlo▀ <> wrote:
> Hi,
> > Do all of the Archos models have the same screen
> > dimensions? I know the character/font sizes vary.
> I think there are only two different screens : the
> FM Recorder and de
> Recorder 20 have the same ones.
> > Which model do you think has the best screen?
> Studio
> > 20, Recorder 20, or FM Recorder 20.
> I prefer the FM Recorder one (and I also prefer the
> FM recorder design
> although the back is very fragile : it scratches
> very quickly and
> easily).
> > I own a Studio 20 which only has 2 lines of text
> > viewable. I like the size of the font, nice and
> large,
> > I can read it at a quick glance.
> I had a Studio 20 before my Recorder. The font are
> large, but some
> characters are not displayed, if I recall correctly,
> at least ź š, Ó, Ŕ,
> Ú, ▀ ╗ are not or badly displayed. Also the
> scrolling is not very smooth
> as only full characters can be displayed.
> > It looks like the other models might have a 7 line
> > text display. Has anyone found these 7 lines hard
> to
> > read? Too small? Can you make them bigger and
> reduce
> > to 6 lines? Thought I read somewhere the newer
> models
> > have pixel based displays, so maybe anything is
> > possible.
> As they have pixel based displays, you can display
> from 9 lines without
> the status bar with the smallest font to 3 lines of
> huge characters (I
> usually use a medium font, 7 characters + status bar
> and it is easily
> readable)
> > Basically I only know what a Studio 20 looks and
> feels
> > like, but I'd like to upgrade so I could get more
> > lines viewable and better function buttons instead
> of
> > the round rocker. But I don't want to waste money
> on
> > an upgrade if the newer model displays aren't the
> same
> > or better.
> The newer displays are really better, but I don't
> know if it's worth to
> buy another unit only for the display (but there are
> many usefull
> functions in the recorder and FM recorder that don't
> exist in the
> player, like... hem... games ?)
> SeeSchlo▀

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