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Subject: Re: Rockbox 2.0 and the recorder
From: planet77 (
Date: 2003-04-24

> To everyone on the Rockbox design team:
> Last Friday, I went to turn on my Jukebox and the drive wouldn't spin
> up. I had purchased a warranty from Best Buy, so I returned it. They
> exchanged the 5 GB model for a Recorder 20 that had been opened and
> returned. The person had purchased the "Mac version" instead of the
> "Windows version."
> Keep up the great work!
> Wesley Simon

Hi Wesley Snipes !

Hey, this is really luck. I wish you much fun with yout recorder. I have
bought the recorder and now I think I should have bought the multimedia
thing with the mpeg4 player. Perhaps I should send my Recorder back ;-)
It's strange that there are very very few people talking about this thing.
Have Fun, I think the Archos recorder with the Rockboxx Software and some
changes is the best money/value mp3-harddisk-recorder AND player outthere.
It was the same with me, I had my recorder just a week and I had the
rockboxx software on it.

A big 'HELLLLLOOOOO!!!!!!' to the Rockboxx pioneers!

Have FuN

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