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Subject: Re: no mac users?
From: Wesley Simon (
Date: 2003-04-24


I don't think this was what he was referring to. But, to do a umount,
you just pickup the drive off the desktop, that turns the trash can
into an eject button. You drag the drive to the eject button and
blammo! your drive is umounted.

But, John is saying that he can't even get files to copy onto the
drive. It almost sounds like it's being mounted read only.

I don't really know anything about pre-OSX Mac operating systems. I
bring Solaris, HP-UX, and Linux knowledge to the OSX world. I'd try to
figure out how the thing is mounted first.


On Thursday, April 24, 2003, at 08:51 AM, Mike Holden wrote:

> john hudak said:
>> howdy folks.
>> i think i am going to return my jukebox 20gig recorder today. i
>> bought it mainly for recording audio from an external microphone to
>> mp3, then being able to plug it into my mac and then have that
>> audiofile available.
>> i can access the 20gig drive on mac shows up every
>> time...but it acts as a 20gig drive...nothing more. i copy mp3 files
>> into the folder of the jukebox disk icon on my desktop, but they
>> don't show up in the file system on the jukebox for playing. i have
>> made multiple folders, with different names...tried putting the mp3s
>> in
>> these folders...but the folders don't show. it is the same thing
>> with
>> the "ajbrec.ajz"...i copy it onto the drive, but it doesn't do
>> anything. i'm assuming that the file/directory system on the jukebox
>> is pc or unix based? while the mac has the ability to see pc files,
>> the jukebox doesn't seem to be able to read these. maybe the mac
>> directory is somehow separate.
>> if there are any mac users out there, please let me know...i've tried
>> a
>> number of web-based archos forums, but haven't gotten one reply that
>> suggests anyone is using these with macs. strange, as archos seems
>> to
>> provide mac usb drivers (i tried this as well, just to see if perhaps
>> the generic apple usb driver is at fault, but no...).
> There should be some kind of option to "unmount" (unix/linux
> terminology)
> or "safely remove" (PC driver terminology) the USB device. You should
> use
> this before removing the USB cable from the unit.
> Have a look here
> for Archos official FAQ for MAC, to see if that helps. (you looked
> there
> already, right!)
> --
> Mike Holden

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