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Subject: Re: Playlist not working in Jukebox 6000 with Rockbox 2.0
Date: 2003-04-24


keys are not locked and the playlist is not empty. the playlist must be correct since it can be loaded if english language is selected.

---- Message de Jean Boullier <> à 15:22:18 24-Avr-2003 ------
>If so there are actually two player-only strings which could show at
>this stage of your scenario and are longer than 11 characters in the
>french language file :
>1. if you try to lock your keys the acknowledging french message
>"Clavier ver." is 12-char long
>2. or if your playlist is empty (or looks like, e:g: all bad file specs)
>then the french end-of-list message "Fin de liste" is too long as well
>(or "as bad" if you prefer...).
>Are you, Bruno or Eric, in one of those cases ?
>If it is really inappropriate or technically impossible to make those
>kinds of messages scroll in the players perhaps it would be wise to code
>some truncation to the maximum length to avoid crashes ?
>Cheers. Jean. (still intending to review all those translations in the
>coming revision of the french language file).
>Eric Lassauge wrote:
>> !!! Exactly what I had (with french language !)
>>More funny : same problem with a compiled in french language !
>>Maybe a bug with a 'too long' string ?
>>| Eric Lassauge <> |
>>| |
>>| TRASYS G2I - Responsable Pôle Logiciel Bord |
>>| <> |
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>>| GIE ADELE - Responsable Technique |
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>>>-----Message d'origine-----
>>>De : []De la
>>>part de
>>>Envoyé : jeudi 24 avril 2003 10:30
>>>À :
>>>Objet : RE: Playlist not working in Jukebox 6000 with Rockbox 2.0
>>>I tried the last CVS and the last french language file. Playlists
>>>doesn't work with french language. As soon as you change the language
>>>(ie in english or deutsch), the playlist works (the same which was wrong
>>>jukebox studio 20, last CVS.
>>>I try to describe what happend on my player.
>>>1)Choose playlist
>>>3)Then the player start to load the playlist,
>>>4)showing Chargement
>>>5)show songs name (but not from the playlist)
>>>6)show nothing but pause icon; red light blinking
>>>7)return to 5
>>>I made a video of lcd panel showing the problem i can send it if needed
>>>(divx 560ko).
>>>Hope this help to fix.

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