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Subject: Re: RE : Regarding the recent recording PANIC's
From: Bj÷rn Stenberg (
Date: 2003-04-24

SeeSchlo▀ wrote:
> But short names should have the same extension as the long name...

No, the shortnames must only be unique in the directory. Remember that a dir can have files called a.big.file and a.bigextension. How do you give those shortnames the same extension as their longname?

Short names are only ever seen in older operating systems that don't support long names. Such old systems don't support USB either, so it's not an issue for Rockbox.

> Oh and using DirectorySnoop I found two files, erased a few days before
> I got my Archos : AJBREC.AJZ and AJBREC.EJZ (156KB and 130KB), do you
> know what they could be, especially AJBREC.EJZ ?

Good question. Probably just an old version that was renamed.


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