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Subject: Re: red light freeze
From: Jack (
Date: 2003-04-24

Thanks for your help.

"Short term, I would recommend increasing the disk spindown value "

What value do you reccomend?

I am using Jukebox Recorder 20, and infomation about any reccomended battery replacments would be great.

On 24.04.2003 at 03:44 PM Mike Holden wrote:

>Jack said:
>> Is it anyones feelings that replacment batterys will help? Can anyone
>> reccomend a brand? Is there such thing as Memoryless recharable
>> batterys?
>FM uses LiIon batteries, which are supposed to be memoryless. However the
>one in the FM is archos-specific (weird shape/size), and only seem to be
>available by sending the unit back to archos. It has been reported on here
>that they refuse to ship them "for safety reasons" :-(
>Short term, I would recommend increasing the disk spindown value (see if
>it helps). Ensure anti-skip buffer is set to max (7 seconds). Also, build
>your firmware without games/demos so you have more mpeg buffer space, so
>the disk is accessed less often. Also, try to carry the unit so it moves
>less. I have found that some pockets are worse than others, for example
>jacket is better than pants (for me at least, YMMV).
>Mike Holden

Love From Jack

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