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Subject: Re: FAT Filename Mangling bug. (was: RE : Regarding the recent recording PANIC's)
From: Björn Stenberg (
Date: 2003-04-24

Michael O'Quinn wrote:
> Not true.
> There are specific mapping rules that are defined for mangling long names
> into short. And if it's FAT (of whatever flavor) the short names are
> THERE, even if the OS normally hides them
> Here's what Micro$oft says in the Windoze-98 Resource Kit...

Yay, a docs arms race! :-) I'll raise you one:

This document, "FAT32 File System Specification", states as the only requirement that "the short name is automatically generated from the long name in such a way that it does not collide with an existing short name".

> Long File Name Support in Windows 98

That document is a description how Windows 98 creates short filenames, not a fat32 filesystem specification.

> But this does affect the ability to open the file from WIndoes 98, and it
> also confuses JBSync when it sees a new playlist created by RockBox.

Interesting. We've done it this way since november and you are the first to even notice it.

> it is worthy of it's own bug report.

Only if you can convince me that I am actually violating the specification and not just doing it differently than the win98 code.


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