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Subject: Re: FAT Filename Mangling bug. (was: RE : Regarding the recent recording PANIC's)
From: Björn Stenberg (
Date: 2003-04-25

Jean Boullier wrote:
> 2. The playlist file. Default long name of "Films.m3u" from the name of
> the directory. Incredible short name of "FILMSM3U.57A" while it should
> be simply the uppercased long name since the long name complies with the
> 8.3 rules.

No. These short names are not bugs, they are named this way on purpose. I'm simply using the quickest way to guarantee a unique name. Using the windows naming model requires several passes over the dir to guarantee uniqueness which requires spending either more ram or more cpu.

> As far as I could see "nobody" else than NDD complained about those
> files in the PC side

This is important. Norton Disk Doctor is not the fat32 reference. It is created to verify the work of windows, and thus expects these files to be named as windows names them. That does not mean it is a requirement of the file system.

I could be persuadeed to accept some version Windows as a reference, but apparently windows does indeed work fine with my shortnames. As you say windows own file utitily does not complain.


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