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Subject: Re: Microphone Question
From: Timm Schneider (
Date: 2003-04-26

Hi there

Add Subtract wrote:

>Hi Jos,
>On the junky little microphone I tried at Radio Shack there was a
>battery on the cord with an on/off switch. Is this the preamp?

No, i think this is an Electret Microphone(Condenser).
This kind of microphones need a battery.

> It
>seemed to record ok, only on one channel.

On the plug is there one or two black line?

One= mon0


>When you tried your little Sony mic, what happened? Did the Archos not
>record any sound at all?
>I told you I was dense LOL!!!!
>Add Subtract wrote:
>I'm looking to buy a Microphone for my new Archos Jukebox FM Recorder.
>I just want a semi decent microphone to record family history and also
>be able to use the mic with a cassette recorder also.
>Can anyone tell me if this particular Sony microphone will work well
>with the Archos?
>No, it won't.
>If not, does anyone know of another model of microphone similar in size
>and style to this Sony?
>I have a cute little tiny mic from Sony that's built right onto the mini
>plug, but it doesn't work either. The problem isn't the microphones. The
>issue is that the recorder's external input is a *line* level input, so
>in order to use a microphone with it, you need some sort of preamp. On
>the other hand, I get great recordings using the line out from either my
>Roland digital piano or my mixer.

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