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Subject: Re: How do I internationalize by settings code?
From: Mike Holden (
Date: 2003-04-27

TP Diffenbach said:
> I've added some settings. Can anbody point me to a "how-to" for
> internationalizing my settings?
> Specifically, other setings use this format:
> { str(LANG_BATTERY_DISPLAY), battery_type },
> I'm using
> { "Chop File Prefix", file_prefix_strip_menu },
> Is it just a matter of adding my strings to a .lang, and calling
> function str()?

Yes, just add the new string to the bottom of apps/lang/english.lang
(there are connents in the file giving the conventions to follow). Include
some descriptive text to help the translators to know what the string is
used for. They will then produce localised versions for their own language
in due course.

Mike Holden

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