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Subject: Re: Sort files after ID3 track number
From: Brian Wolven (
Date: 2003-04-27

William Pietri wrote:
> Sorry I'm a little late responding to this.
> On Tue, 2003-04-22 at 07:39, Chris Holt wrote:
>> On Tue, 22 Apr 2003 10:20:28 -0400, wrote:
>>> i agree, i would also like to see a way to organize tracks in a
>>> directory by the id3 track number
>> I hope everyone that wants this understands how long it would take
>> to get a directory listing. Each file would have to be read so the
>> track number could be extracted from the ID3. One or the other (v1
>> or v2 can't remember which) is at the END of the file. You got big
>> files, you had better be one patient music lover!
> I just got a Recorder 20 last week, and I'm starting to hunger for
> some similar id3-related functionality. In particular, I'd like to be
> able to easily play everything in a particular genre or by a
> particular artist.
> I also like to queue whole albums at a time.
> It would seem that the right way around the slowness of finding tags
> would be for Rockbox to build up its own cache of metadata, allowing
> the interface to be less dependent upon file structure.
> Not that I'm complaining; I think the Rockbox software is pretty swell
> as it is. But if I get some time to work on it, that's what I'd try
> playing with.

Have you seen the following piece of software? Might be just what you
wanted... it's up to version 2.2 now at the website (URL below). The
coder is an Archos fan/user.


              ID3Browse - ID3 Playlist Generator v1.2
               Copyright 2002 - Shane Brinkman-Davis

Webpage: Contact:

This software is FREEWARE. You can use it and copy it as much as you want. I warranty NOTHING. Of something goes wrong because you used this software, its not my fault. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

That said, I don't think this software will cause any serious problems.

Requirements ------------

This software requires Windows 95 or better. I have tested it on Win98 and Win2000, and it should work on 95, ME, XP, NT, etc...

The program needs about 25megs to run. That means your computer needs at least 64 megs to be able to run this program reasonably.

Goal ----

The goal of this software is to generate playlists organized in directories from any information found in ID3 tags. The core use of this is to emulate ID3 based browsing for File-System based MP3 players such as Archos' Jukebox line.

After coding this up, I was excited to realize that this program gives you much more power and control over ID3-based browsing than you get on MP3 players with hard-coded ID3 based browsing. Enjoy!

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