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Subject: Re: Battery patch
From: Mike Holden (
Date: 2003-04-27

Johan Vromans said:
> Johan Vromans <> writes:
>> I'll try it tomorrow.
> Applies nicely to the CVS version. Builds okay (real[1] + sim). Seems to
> run perfectly.
> I noticed the blinking of the plug symbol is asymmetric (3 secs on, 1
> sec off). Is that intentional?

It should be 1 second on, 1 second off - it is on my FM. Are you using the
most recent patch I uploaded later yesterday? Maybe the change I made for
the other status.c changes sorted this? I havent seen 1/3, only 1/1. There
is no code for different units in there, so yours should be the same as

> Having looked at the different styles to present battery level and
> charging state, I think a steady battery symbol (or, upon config
> option, a number) plus a flashing charger plug is the most informative
> since the actual battery level is a good indicator of the progress of
> the charging process.

I suggested this the other day, but the response was that this was decided
against, because when the charge shows 100%, the battery is not actually
fully charged, and still needs some more time. Apparently people were
removing the charger before the unit was fully charged.

> My suggestion would be to make this style of display available
> elsewhere as well, and to add a configuration option "charging
> indicator" with values "battery symbol" and "plug symbol".

There is already a WPS display item for runtime, which I have been using
for a while now. I use the status line, so the values are already
available on my screen. Where else would you see these items being

Mike Holden

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