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Subject: Re: Battery patch
From: William Pietri (
Date: 2003-04-27

On Sun, 2003-04-27 at 03:29, Mike Holden wrote:
> > Having looked at the different styles to present battery level and
> > charging state, I think a steady battery symbol (or, upon config
> > option, a number) plus a flashing charger plug is the most informative
> > since the actual battery level is a good indicator of the progress of
> > the charging process.
> I suggested this the other day, but the response was that this was decided
> against, because when the charge shows 100%, the battery is not actually
> fully charged, and still needs some more time. Apparently people were
> removing the charger before the unit was fully charged.

Perhaps this is a naive question, as I'm still pretty ignorant of both
the code and the hardware. But given that the charger knows when to
stop, couldn't you scale that 100% figure based on whatever metric the
charger uses? So that the number when unplugged is always >= the number
it shows when charging is underway?


William Pietri <>

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