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Subject: Re: Make better use of user drive spin-ups
From: Linus Nielsen Feltzing (
Date: 2003-04-28

Brent Geery wrote:
> I might have the wrong, but it seems like the current Rockbox firmware
> does not take full advantage of the times when the user initiates a
> drive spin-up, for whatever reason (saving settings, directory browse,
> ect.)

Sure, that would be possible. But if the MPEG thread would top off the
buffer for every disk spinup, Rockbox would fell a little less
responsive to user interaction.

> If playing music, rockbox should take that opportunity to also top-off
> the MPEG buffer. If not playing music (say, just saving settings or
> something,) taking the time to buffer the directory tree might be a
> good idea.

Buffering the directory tree? The current directory is always loaded in
RAM. No need to reread it, unless the setting you are changing alters
the directory view somehow. This is how it works today.


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