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Subject: YA S.C Q (Yet another settings.c question)
From: c s (
Date: 2003-04-29

I don’t know if this is an oversight or I just don’t
understand the conventions used when adding things to
settings.c, but it looks like in some cases we check
that the bytes of config_block != 0xFF before using
the data in the byte to load the global settings, but
there are many places where this is not done... for
example, no check is done with the 9 settings starting
with “fade_on_stop” at line 670. Is this intentional?
Also “fade_on_stop” is set again later at line 695,
this time after checking that the config_block byte !=

Are these errors? Should I submit a patch?

Also, if the convention is to always check for 0xFF,
what if every bit of a config_block byte is used, and
the user select settings make that byte - 0xFF?


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